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AntiGravel™ is a high-gloss, virtually invisible Paint Protection Film.

If you like EXTRA protection AntiGravel™ treatment is for you. Invisible Film will protect your car’s paintwork from heavy scratches and minor accidents. “Like new” appearance of the car will last longer, so protect the paint and keep your car looking always new with the industrial most durable Paint Protection Film.

MrCAP AntiGravel™ features:

  • Preparing the paint by the complete treatment of the exterior with the Deoxidizing™ (removing the scratches and swirl marks along with returning strong color of the car)
  • We apply the FormulaU™ paint treatment before the installation to make the paint more durable and against the UV-rays and other harmful elements.
  • Up to 7 years warranty against yellowing, cracking, bubbling, and paint damage while removing the paint protection film


To communicate our AntiGravel™ Films Manager directly to make an appointment or to inquire more information about AntiGravel™ Films please dial 056-1148393.